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February 5, 2011

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Nikita, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nikita
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Sofia, Bulgaria
   This is Nikita, my bird. Her home is in Bulgaria. She's a very curious bird and likes to explore the whole room she lives in. She is outside of her cage all the day. When somebody brings food in the room she goes immediately near the plate and we share all the food. She often goes on the TV set, on the books, on the beds and on my head or shoulders. When she is on the TV set, she watches the birds outside. She likes to "read" newspapers and books (all my books are eaten). But Nikita is also very cuddly and affectionate. I rub her head very often and she enjoys it. She can't talk and she is not very good at singing. Only in front of the mirror does she start singing (screaming). But Nikita is a very sweet and smart bird. When she wants something, she starts talking to me in her own language and I always understand her!

Nikita, the Pet of the Day
Nikita, the Pet of the Day

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