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February 3, 2011

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Buster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buster
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: Woodridge, Illinois, USA
   This little bundle of energy is our Green Cheek Conure, Buster. After my Senegal (Monty) passed an old friend of ours emailed us saying that she could no longer keep him because of her eighteen-month-old child and his confusion with Buster being a toy =). Although he didn't fill Monty's shoes, he still filled our hearts completely! He was the first Conure that I have ever had and the second we picked him up from her house I fell in love! He adapted to us right away! As soon as we got into the car, he was running in and out of my sweater and underneath my chin.

    Boy is he something! For some reason, he thinks he's bigger than our German Shepard (Wolfie) dog. If Wolfie comes up to him and sniffs him he fluffs up angrily and attempts to chase him away by nipping at his nose. The sweet old dog that Wolfie is, he just lets him have his moment and walks away. Sure he's a little monster but as soon as it's naptime he turns into a pile of mush! He'll roll onto his back and let us pet him under his wings, belly, and his little toes. If you stop, he'll make this little screech as if he's saying "Hey! Where'd you go!?" He also tries to preen us by pinching the littlest amount of skin he could get in his beak and itch me all over!

    As for food, anything we eat, watch, read, pick up, or even look at he wants a piece of it too. For instance, this keyboard that I'm typing on, he's trying to jump on and bite the keys as I type. If you're wiping your mouth with a napkin, he'll think it's food that you're trying to eat and he'll try to eat it too! If you're drinking something (especially anything that looks like orange juice) he'll chase you around the house until you let him have a sip. As for baths, as soon as he hears the water run he hops all around and bobs his head until he gets wet.

    I don't know what I would do without him. If I'm feeling down in the pits, he'll stick by me and cuddle with me and try to make me laugh with his little antics. If anyone is thinking about buying a Green Cheek, don't hesitate! They are very quiet, endearing, and sweet!

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