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December 28, 2011

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Geronimo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Geronimo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Crested gecko
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   This is Geronimo. He is a crested gecko meaning that he is arboreal so he loves to jump and climb! He is an absolute goofball. I love him to bits. When I was originally purchasing him I had a choice between him or his brother. The decision was not difficult ... Geronimo came home with me and it was then that the name Geronimo came into my mind. I named him this because of the fact that he likes to jump and its what people say when they are jumping out of a plane sky diving "Geronimooooooo!"

    When I first weighed him he was a tiny two grams! He was not eating his food which is crested gecko diet (CGD) so I had to use a syringe and put little blobs on his nose so he would lick it off! I know people may not think of reptiles as "smart" but I think they are extremely intelligent due to what I have seen from Geronimo and many other reptiles. That includes captive and wild. Anyway when he was full he would turn his head and wipe his mouth and nose off on my hand! It was like feeding a baby: messy but cute and funny. When he was finished we had to wipe his little nose with toilet paper. Anything else was too rough!

    Geronimo grew out of three tanks and now resides in his adult tank, even though he is not quite an adult yet. His birthday was on Christmas Eve! I love Geronimo like a father loves his child. His personality is unbeatable. Reptiles deserve more credit than they are portrayed to be in movies! I can't help but smile when I walk in my room and Geronimo is right their with his "brother" Flip the leopard gecko! Of course Flip could care less about Geronimo but Geronimo loves Flip like a big brother. NOTE they are not in the same tank, as Geronimo is tropical and Flip is a desert dweller! I do not put them together or let them meet without a barrier. I love Geronimo very much.

Geronimo, the Pet of the Day
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Geronimo, the Pet of the Day
Geronimo, the Pet of the Day

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