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December 24, 2011

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Brendan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Brendan
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England
   This is Brendan, he is a crested lemon agouti guinea pig. Brendan is very special as he's the runt of the group, so therefore has his older brothers to look after him. Although he was bought from a breeder, and isn't a purebred, he was show quality, until he got into a fight with another piggy and he had a chunk bitten out of his ear. Luckily he doesn't seem to have any serious damage done to his hearing and is still as active as normal. It just means he needs extra love and care =) He's very inquisitive and will always wriggle about when being held, just to see where he's going. Because of his color, he doesn't look like you're average guinea pig, but more like a degu or a gerbil, making him very unique in my eyes.

    Brendan is my smallest and youngest boy with an incredibly smooth coat. Due to him being so small, and it being so close to winter when I went to see the breeder, he said I could have both him and his brother as they wouldn't be comfortable selling him on his own. But with a lot of attention he is doing absolutely fine during the winter months.

    His favorite toys are tunnels, he can easily spend an hour in them. Due to this I've had to buy another one! Even then, he sits in one until he notices another one of my guinea pigs going towards the other, and will quickly run and beat them to it.

    He's very inquisitive and if I don't have some sort of barrier, he will wander round the house. When I first brought him home I introduced him and his brother to my first guinea-pig, during this time he liked to hide behind my mum's feet. When I went to put them into the cage he had disappeared, luckily he had just wandered under the sofa and was safe.

    His favorite food is frisee lettuce with an occasional yoghurt treat. He's very cheeky and will eat his food quickly and then wheek for more or go up to another piggy and start eating the other side of their veg. We think this may be the reason he got into a fight and lost part of his ear. However, it's not stopped him loving life and continuing to be just as cheeky!

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