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December 23, 2011

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Mozart, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mozart
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mosaic Chinchilla
Home: Kentucky, USA
   Mozart is my Mosaic Chinchilla. Mozart is showing to be an easy-going guy. He is very photogenic and ready to strut his stuff with whatever props you set him next to!

    Mozart is very new here, so he is independent as he warms up. He's very nervous, but seems to have a good personality we will have to bring out of him! He is a little Houdini, and quickly figured out how to undo hanging toys in the middle of the night, so I'd find them on the cage floor in the morning!

    Mozart has not calmed down since we first got him. However, he was recently upgraded to a Ferret Nation 142 cage and lives on the bottom half. Since then he has much more life to him, and you can just see it in his eyes! He was purchased from a pet store. I was told someone had dropped him off saying they could no longer keep him. When I was shown his cage I noticed it was just a tiny bunny cage. He had no real run or jump room. He was being grabbed and handled roughly in the one visit we saw him, and there was no doubt he would not be staying there.

    We purchased him with the intentions of finding him a better home than he had (and was headed to), but the plans fell through and he is here to stay. I think he will be one of those who will never really trust or enjoy human contact, but all we can do is work with him. I no longer find the hanging toys taken down as he has many 'toss toys' in his cage now. He loves the finger traps and I do find those spread around the cage.

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