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December 22, 2011

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Oompa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oompa
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Goat
Home: Olathe, Colorado, USA
   Oompa is the sweetest thing. He let me dress him up on Halloween as a Banana Split and did really well at the pet costume contest. He wasn't bothered at all by all the barking dogs and loved the kids feeding him alfalfa cubes. We decided that since he did so well with that we'd go see Santa. Santa was so excited he even requested a copy of the picture with him and Oompa.

    Oompa is looking forward to his first adventure of being a father this late spring. And his girlfriend's name is Loompa... Oompa Loompa, what else would it be? This next picture is a little old, he was three months old standing next to Loompa. And the "Smile" picture is adorable I think too. His hair, I can't get over it... parts that way all on its own!

    He is just like a dog, but with horns and hooves. When I pull up the driveway or walk out the door he's already hollerin' for me to come visit. He loves getting brushed but can't stand his hooves getting trimmed. His favorite snack is marshmallows and wows everyone with his crystal blue eyes. Oh and he thinks he's a lap goat. Right now he only weighs about 30 pounds so it's not so bad, but he sure likes to stay close to people.

Oompa, the Pet of the Day
Oompa, the Pet of the Day

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