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December 18, 2011

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Frankie, Bucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frankie, Bucky
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hotot Rabbit
Home: Colorado, USA
   Hi my name is Kris and these are my baby sibling bunnies Frankie and Bucky! On the left that is Frankie and on the right, that's Bucky. They are both six months old and they are Hotot bunnies.

    These are my two extremely sweet and adorable Hotot bunnies! They are the best bunnies in the world and I will be crushed when they die, I wish they could live forever. They both have a very large C&C cage in my room and they also always have free range of my room. Frankie loves his litter box! He is in there 20/7!! Bucky on the other hand is like a timothy hay goodness and my little cruiser!! They never bite and don't like treats, surprisingly... Rabbits are a dream come true and I will love them for life from now on.

    Well Bucky is actually a special needs bunny and is deaf, so it is good he has his brother for a companion, they are always together. And Frankie just has the kind of face that always makes you feel better when your down. Both of them know how to sit and put their paws together when they want a treat. They are kind of both they are independent but they know how to cooperate when I need them to.

    This is Frankie and my collie Jessie, neither was quite sure what to make of the other, they both were sniffing a mile a minute, though!

Frankie, Bucky, the Pet of the Day

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