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December 16, 2011

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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: 41 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot
Home: Palmetto, Florida, USA
   This is Jake (also known as Jakiepoo) she's a 41-year-old hen parvipes Yellow Nape Amazon. There are four kinds of Yellow Naped Amazon parrots, named by the region they originate - Amazona Ochrocephala Parvipes is from the Honduras - Nicaragua area. These birds, like you can see on Jake, have some red colored feathers on the bend of the wings, another feature specific to them is mentioned in their Scientific name which means - small feet, this is in relation to the other subspecies like the Ochrocephala Auropalliata, which have bigger feet, no red on the wing bend and a black beak.

    I've had Jake since she was three weeks old with no feathers. I thought she was a boy, then just couldn't change her name. Her favorite game is to roll over on her back and play "footies", she loves to ride in the truck and go places. She goes everywhere and does everything with me, and is quite famous with my family and friends. She loves to play and to sing opera, and of course eat. She has several videos on YouTube under the name MsJakiepoo. She's friendly with most people and will allow petting, and she really loves my wife who can do almost anything with her, but I'm the man in her life.

Jake, the Pet of the Day

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