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December 13, 2011

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MeiMei, the Pet of the Day
Name: MeiMei
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pink White Chinchilla
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   I never knew chinchillas could talk so much until the day I first held MeiMei, my darling baby! He has such a big heart to comfort and encourage poor Da Vinci, my other chinchilla, to not be afraid to move. Special MeiMei is a boy with a girl's name! The day I picked up MeiMei in my arms I knew he/she was the one, I didn't care if he or she was a girl or a boy or what ever color he was. That moment in my arms he snuggled right up to me. At that time they told he was a female, I questioned the shop if they were sure. A few days after I sat down pulled pictures of chinchilla genitals to confirm it. Then I realized she was a he, but then he already responded to his name, so whats in a name =) ? He looks like a girl, snuggles like a girl, looks fantastic in pink. He's just a fabulous a boy!

    He's special because he's so vocal, I really never knew a chin who could talk so much! He's very affectionate and I'm very lucky to have a cuddly chin! Sometimes when he gets his scritches in my arms he will sleep.

    His favorite game he taught me, which is chase the towel and towel chases him!

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