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December 7, 2011

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Winifred, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winifred
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Donkey
Home: La Porte, Indiana, USA
   Joey was my first donkey and I rescued him from the county fair. My second donkey is Winnie, she is the grey. I rescued her from a farm where she was a guard donkey, she protected the cows from coyotes. I did not know she was pregnant when I got her but almost nine months later, then came Hazel, the other grey. The chocolate colored one is Fern, she was the last addition. They all get along great and truth be told, they are like big dogs. They follow us around in the pasture and if we are out fixing fences etc., they are right there beside us, nudging us or stealing our gloves or tools. They are quite comical.

    Winnie's name is actually Winifred! She is the matriarch of the group. When I first got her, she was very shy and afraid of people. It only took a short period of time for her to realize what treats were, and she warmed right up! She is very friendly now, almost like a dog as she follows my husband and I around when we are out in the pasture. Her favorite treats are peppermints. All our neighbors come down to visit the donkeys and they bring peppermints so when they see someone walking, they always head up to the edge of the pasture to get treats and are never disappointed!

Winifred, the Pet of the Day

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