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August 29, 2011

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Fellows, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fellows
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: New York, USA
   Hello! My name is Emily and I have a pet parakeet named Fellows. He absolutely loves himself. All he does all day is look in the reflection of the window and talk to himself always hoping for it to answer back. He always makes me crack up when he does this. But he can almost find his reflection everywhere: The glossy wood floors, the shiny green tiles in the bathroom, and the reflection of an iPod screen. He is such a character!! He even chases the mouse on the computer screen! There is no place where he can't find a friend. He thinks he's so popular with all his "friends" he finds everywhere. Everything he does always makes me end up on the floor laughing.

    When there is a lot of noise and talking he always tries to be the loudest, but when it's dead silence in the room he disappears and pretends he's not there. That's why I always try to keep the radio on so he doesn't feel so alone when nobody's around or when I'm not there to take him out of his cage. He makes these beautiful, soothing trills when he's relaxed but when something goes wrong or when people start yelling/arguing he makes these loud screeches telling everybody to "Shut up!" throwing his own tantrum. This bird is like a child, he hates his veggies and fruits but loves his snacks (millet). He is too stubborn to try anything else but his regular seeds and millet.

    At the end of the day I take him out of his cage before bed time, plop down on the couch with him and watch TV flipping through the channels, listening to him grinding his beak (this is a sign of contentment for birds). I love this bird.

Fellows, the Pet of the Day
Fellows, the Pet of the Day

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