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August 18, 2011

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Megs, Minis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Megs, Minis
Age: Two, One year old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Home: Beaverton, Oregon, USA
   These are my bunnies Megs and Minis. Megs is the cinnamon-colored bunny and she has been with us for almost two years now. She is a Holland Lop and she's so full of personality. She loves to go out in the backyard and do her acrobatics and speed around in circles through the dirt and grass. Minis is the white one and he is a Netherland Dwarf. He has been with us for about one year now and though he took a little longer to get warmed up to us, learning from Megs' example, and he's now one of the most loving bunnies I've ever seen. He loves to jump up in your lap and put his feet on your shoulder and just lay there while you pet him.

    They are indoor bunnies and live in a two-story mansion which we built for them that has a litter box and a large wooden shelf to chew and climb on. They enjoy their time outdoors when they get to run around and relax on the grass, which they nibble only occasionally. They love baths, funny enough, even though rabbits usually hate water we have been told - and of course they both love treats... don't say that word out loud! If you do, you'd best be prepared to make good on it! These guys are my best friends and I absolutely love them!

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