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August 10, 2011

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Marshmellow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marshmellow
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf, Rex, English Spot
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Marshmellow is probably the most interesting rabbit I have ever had. His mother is a white rabbit with brown spots Wrosey, and Smokey, his father, is a black netherland dwarf. Much to our surprise, Marshmellow - one of the babies - was pure white with pink eyes! That means he's an albino.

    Marshmellow is very nice, and tame. He is also very smart, he knows how to use a litter box and every thing! My other three rabbits don't know how, even though they are still pretty smart. Marshmellow isn't actually mine though. He is officially owned by my best friend, but until she has a hutch, he lives at my house. Even though his name sounds kind of "girly" he is a boy. He was born and raised by me and April (my friend) that's why he is so friendly and nice. His birthday is sometime in March, I didn't write it down like I should have. He was in a litter of seven, all surviving. We kept two of them, Peter, my older brother's rabbit and Marshmellow. The others all went to nice homes, all of them went to my friends, and still live happily. Marshmellow is a very special bunny to me and April, and I will miss him when he goes to live with her, but we will still visit a lot!

Marshmellow, the Pet of the Day

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