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August 9, 2011

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Jazz, Josie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jazz, Josie
Age: Two and a half, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Eared Rabbits
Home: UK
   This is Jazz (the black one) and Josie (the funky colored one). They are both very special because we have been through a lot together.

    We got Jazz when she was only six weeks old with Poppy, who unfortunately passed away after a week because she was very ill when we got her. We have such a special bond that I just have to call her name and she will come running to me wherever she was. She loves mini eggs around Easter and she could sit there for hours munching away on the other shell and then licking the chocolate. We don't let her have many, as sugar is not very good for bunnies, but she loves it when she gets one as a special treat. She is a very affectionate rabbit and will trust anyone and anything.

    We got Josie about six months after we got Jazz as a friend to keep Jazz company while I was away at work. Because my bunnies like their own space they each have their own hutches and they play together in the garden along with my guinea pigs Scully and BB. Josie is a very special bunny because she is my three-legged bunny. She was not always like that. About nine months after we got her we found a lump in her foot. After taking her to the vets, they found that she had a broken leg. After have her leg operated on she was in a cast for four month and stuck indoors as we could not let her out in case she broke it again. Eventually, I think out of frustration, Josie broke her leg again and the vet advised of another operation, I could not stand the thought of her going through it all again so we decided to have them amputate her leg. She is now a carefree bunny and she runs round like a nutter. They have a good time hopping around the garden together during playtime, and I was lucky to get a picture when they both stopped for a second!

    I love my bunnies very much I would not even think about life without them. They have brought great joy into our lives and would recommend rabbits to any one.

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