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August 6, 2011

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Mr. Bojangles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. Bojangles
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Norwegian Dwarf
Home: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
   I bought Mr. Bojangles almost six summers ago. He is a Norwegian Dwarf bunny from Annapolis, Maryland and is just the best bunny.

    When I first saw Mr. B he was in cage at the pet store with another rabbit. I opened up the cage door and he dashed to the front. I picked him up and I knew I had to have him, and for $32 I did. He was very skittish and crazy. He crawled all up on my shoulders and in my hair. We bought Mr. B a baby pool for him to run around in. At first he was too scared to leave it but soon he was hopping around the whole house. Including, as you can see - the dryer! He's had several health scares since I've had him. He ripped out his toenails once when he tried to climb the curtains behind our couch, poor boy. Mr. B is scared of tin foil and saran wrap, we don't know why. He likes to lay in the sunshine like a cat, and take naps. Every morning we give him some banana. He waits for me by the door until I give him some. Sometimes I pick him up and wrap him in a baby blanket and cuddle with him. He's like a dog in that he responds to his name and he'll hop over to greet you. He's a very friendly creature, and the best pet I've ever had.

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