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August 1, 2011

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Kelly, Zippy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kelly, Zippy
Age: Five, Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue Crowned Conure, Nanday Conure
Home: Florida, USA
   Kelly and Zippy are very special to me. We purchased Kelly at the local pet store when she was only five months old. She was extremely sweet then and would even allow you to hold her on her back. But as time went on she became more ornery and demanded more attention which I did my best to provide.

    About a year ago I was driving down my street when I noticed a parrot hopping around in the middle of the road. This didn't seem normal so I got out of the car and approached the bird. Sure enough its left wing was broken. I was able to catch it with an old hand towel I was lucky to have. As I returned to my car the whole flock of wild Nanday conures was screeching loudly at me from above on the power lines. I felt horrible taking away their friend, but she would have otherwise died.

    Zippy, as I called the nanday, adapted to captive life extremely well, but I could tell she was lonely. One day I walked into the "parrot" room and found that Zippy had escaped from her cage and was sitting with Kelly allowing her to preen her feathers. To this day they live happily together and Zippy has never shown any sign of pain from her broken wing. Kelly has since become more friendly and happy. Zippy will even sit on my shoulder for short periods of time following Kelly's example. They are very special birds.

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