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April 30, 2011

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Cole, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cole
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Satin Guinea Pig
Home: Glendale, California, USA
   Cole came home from our local pet store on March 19, 2011. Cole is a very special member of our family, and he is simply just adorable! I have had about five hamsters in the past so Cole is the first Guinea pig in my life. Cole is still young, so he is very, very jumpy. Try holding this little guy and you'll know what I mean. He is very sweet though, unlike some Guinea Pigs it only took him about one day to let me pick him up and bond with him. His original coloring when we first got him was all black with one simple brown stripe on his back. Now, as he is getting older his fur is getting much more brown, his whole back is almost brown now, and he has a brown little spot on his cheek. His paws are very special in my opinion. The two paws on his left are black, and the two on his right are brown. But one of his brown paws is starting to get a little black on the top. We bought him a little small animal comfort harness, but he is a little stubborn about wearing it. I got it on him once and he wore it for about two minutes, then he literally undid it and ran out of it. He likes being outside on the grass to explore, but he is lightning fast, so we can't keep him out too long or we might just lose him. Cutting his nails for the first time since we got him a month ago is going to be a challenge, so we might just take him to the vet.

    Cole really loves to cuddle. He will sit in my arms or on my lap for as long as I have him out, as long as he's being petted and getting attention, he's happy! This little guy is quite the chatterbox, he always gets my attention by making the little "talking" noise that Guinea Pigs make, and when he's scared or wants to come out of his cage he gets really loud and it sounds like he's screaming(in a squeaky way). He is also very smart. He can tell when I'm feeling upset and he actually crawls up to my shoulder and makes very quiet noises, he always cheers me up! He also unzips my sweaters when I a wearing them. When I have him out and I'm wearing a sweater he crawls up and pulls the zipper down with his mouth! Then chews on it. His favorite treats are cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, honey dew, baby carrots and Romaine lettuce. He goes crazy for these things especially, and starts up a "talking" storm. He is a little piggy, he devoured a piece of cucumber in like one minute the other day! He also loves his Timothy Hay so much that it is sometimes gone about ten minutes after I put a handful in, and then I have to refill it. He's always happy when being petted, getting attention and eating. He lets out that adorable "cat purr" noise that Guinea Pigs make when they're happy, and sometimes I feel him vibrating as well. He has a funny thing about the "purring" though. He always seems to let out a purr when I scratch(or pet) his back right above his rear end. It's kinda like how a dog does something when you scratch a certain area on them. Cole lets out a big long purr when you pet him in that spot! He is so adorable. He's a lot of work but I love him!

Cole, the Pet of the Day
Cole, the Pet of the Day

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