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April 23, 2011

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Lenny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lenny
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Warmblood Horse
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   Lenny is an amazing horse! He is not technically mine, but when I first started riding at a new stable, I had a bad experience where a horse took off with me and wouldn't stop. After that, my trainer put me on Lenny, the most trusted horse at the barn. He wouldn't hurt a fly! He is so gentle and sweet. He isn't like other horses. He literally has no bad habits and he does tricks too!! He can give hugs and kisses! He is adorable and such a beauty!

    Lenny never rushes at the jumps and jumps perfectly as well. He is so easy and simple to ride. He helped me gain my confidence back. Lenny could go from being ridden by a five-year-old to an experienced jumper with no problems. He can jump big too! But he takes such good care of his riders and knows exactly what they need and what they can handle. He picks up the canter perfectly, has auto lead changes, slows down when you need him to and picks up the pace instantly! Lenny always got everything right! Even when I messed up big time. When I rode Lenny, I never had to worry about what stunts he would pull. It was me that I had to focus on!! Lenny would be my description of a perfect horse! I was so fortunate to be able to ride Lenny in most of my lessons while his owner was unable to! I am so thankful that I could because although Lenny did not teach my how to really ride, he taught me that I can trust, love and be confident around these gentle giants that I love with a passion. I love Lenny and will never forget him. Even now as I walk past his stall, I always remember how much he taught me and how much I love him for doing so and always will.

Lenny, the Pet of the Day
Lenny, the Pet of the Day

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