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April 22, 2011

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Dave, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dave
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Hamster
Home: Branson, Missouri, USA
   My hamster is super special to me because he is my first pet and I think that he is so cute. I got him a few months ago and I love him so much. I think that he is the best pet ever. He is super soft. His name is Dave but I did not name him. I was asked to hamster-sit by his owners when they were out of town. I was chosen because they wanted me to have him. They thought that if I liked him for the two weeks that they were gone I could keep him. And I did. His favorite food is sunflower seeds. We sometimes give him spinach, sweet potato, strawberries or grapes. But only tiny nibbles every once in awhile. He plays on his wheel all night. I do not hear him very much in the night but my parents do, so we moved him to a different room a few nights ago and they said that it has been much better.

    We also built a maze for Dave. He really likes to play in it. We used plastic peanut butter and peanut jars, old towels, a plastic ice cream container, paper towel rolls and other tubes. The floor is covered with old towels. There are a few other miscellaneous things from around the house that we add sometimes too. We have changed it a few times but this is what it looks like now. The peanut and peanut butter jars make a bridge type thing for him because we cut holes in them to connect them. The ice cream container has a hole in the top side and the container is upside-down with a window cut in it. We call it his Igloo. We put him in his maze when we are cleaning his cage or just for fun. And one time he slept in his Igloo all day.

    Another thing is that when I go away to a sleepover or on trips, before I leave I tell him what time I will come home so he can get up to see me and he will. I think that is really cool. I don't think that most hamsters do that. Do you?

Dave, the Pet of the Day
Dave, the Pet of the Day

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