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April 17, 2011

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CeeCee, the Pet of the Day
Name: CeeCee
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Llama
Home: Henryville, Indiana, USA
   This is KsnCrk Pipe Dream's Carbon Copie, "CeeCee" for short. CeeCee is a very special llama. Her mother rejected her at birth; so she was raised in our house, where she wore size six baby diapers. She required a plasma transfusion at three days old and was bottle fed every two hours for three months. In the photo with our goldens (Blush and Layla), she had just returned from the vet and was cold. I went to grab her blanket and came back to find the dogs (a natural enemy to llamas) snuggled up next to her. They are still buddies today and romp and play together like Cee is one of them! CeeCee is a big girl now, but is still our baby. She greets us at the gate each morning with kisses. The other photo is of Cee as a two-year-old with her buddy "Jacks".

    Now that CeeCee is all grown up, she is different than the other llamas. Most llamas tend to be standoffish, but she is always in our faces wanting attention. She tends to have quite an attitude with strangers though, as she didn't have a natural mother to teach her llama manners. She is a prime example as to why llamas should never be bottle raised, unless absolutely necessary. Had it not been for our intervention and fourteen years of experience with llamas, Cee wouldn't be here today. She loves to be scratched behind her ears and under her chin, and will steal your gloves right out of your back pocket if you aren't careful! CeeCee has wonderful fiber (wool) and has won several top ribbons, including two champion prizes, for her fleece. Now that she is nearly three we will be breeding her, for a cria due spring 2012. We hope she passes her calm demeanor and exceptional fiber on to her offspring.

CeeCee, the Pet of the Day
CeeCee, the Pet of the Day

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