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April 16, 2011

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Happy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happy, Lucky
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard goldfish
Home: Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
   These are my two fish, Happy and Lucky. I named them like that because that's exactly how I felt when I got them - extremely happy and lucky!

    They're about one and a half years old now and I have loved them ever since I got them. They always listen when I tell them about things that worry me and they can definitely keep a secret!!

    Another great thing about them is that they love each other so much, too! The day my mom and I bought them they were in a big tank that contained many other fish, but they stayed together all the time.

    The two of them don't trust everybody, but they do trust me. When I sit at my desk and do homework or study, Happy and Lucky always swim to the side of their tank that is nearest to me.

    I cannot imagine loving a pair of goldfish more than I do Happy and Lucky. There can't possibly be more lovable fish in the world.

Happy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day

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