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April 6, 2011

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Chester, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chester
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla, standard gray
Home: Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
   Cuddles is special because he helped save me. My husband and I have fertility issues, and add in long-term depression. My therapist suggested a pet. We had been talking about chinchillas for a couple of years and finally took the leap. He's helped with my depression, knowing when I need some extra love. He comes with me to the office when I'm struggling with depression or anxiety, where he'll sit on my shoulder for an hour, just nuzzling into my neck or tucking his head into my shirt and going to sleep. Chester is quite the celebrity in my office building. My vet plans to use him to introduce younger children to exotic animals. We've also been asked to train him as a therapy animal as he's so friendly and cuddly with many people. He's a very sweet, loving, little mama's-boy. Not that I'm biased!

    Chester is a sweetie, who would like nothing more than to make friends with our female chinchilla, Zoe. She isn't receptive to him, as she is a rescue who was previously paired. But that doesn't stop him from watching her and trying to win her over.

    Chester loves to run laps. It's almost like he's playing one-Chin baseball, and touching each person in the room during a lap means that he touched all the bases! He gives little kisses on our noses and love nibbles on our ears. He talks quite a bit. His cage is in our bedroom where he can see our bed, and he gets distressed if one of us is not sleeping in our room. He'll talk all night, like he's asking "Where's Mom?" or "Where's Dad?" He considers it his job to watch over us while we sleep.

    How is in on normal days? He's a little like a three-year-old child. Very sweet, very cuddly, and full of energy! Lots of cuddles, stopping for hugs and kisses, then up and running around again. If he's scared or upset, he wants his mom for cuddles and to be kissed on the head. I'm getting his footprints tattooed on me in May, so that he'll always be with me.

Chester, the Pet of the Day
Chester, the Pet of the Day

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