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September 26, 2010

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Hershey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hershey
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Broken Red Mini-Rex Rabbit
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Hershey is such a loving little bunny. He is my sister's bunny now, but he used to be mine until my sister's bunny died. Hershey was trained by me and cuddled with me but I had to give him to my sister, he still lives with me but it's not the same (I still have Spice, his mother, who is my very favorite). Hershey was born one July 8th at my house and has been handled by me since he was just a pink baby. He is by far the most handsome beautiful rabbit I've ever seen with his Easter Bunny markings which are a deep rich orange color. Hershey was going to be going home with someone else first but the person could no longer take him. Hershey was first named Cotton Candi, I really didn't like that name but that's what my sister named him, I changed his name to Ginger but as he grew older the name no longer suited him so then I changed it to Hershey.

    Hershey loves to munch on all veggies and some fruits, his favorite are oranges, apples and carrots, he also likes to munch on Cheerios. Hershey is a very tiny rabbit weighing four pounds. Hershey's nicknames are HershiMersh, CookieFace. Hershey has his bad moments too, he enjoys running around the kitchen chewing on wicker, wood, paper and wires, which we always have to raise every time he comes upstairs. Hershey was neutered when he was three months old, before he was neutered he was a cranky little bunny who enjoyed biting as hard as he could, now he is friendly, cuddly and loving, sometimes he will nibble on my finger, but he doesn't bite hard.

    Hershey loves to run around the yard on his harness, his least favorite part about the harness is getting it put on, when he was a baby he had an incident, a friend of my sister tried to take his harness off and nearly choked him! Once I had him out on his harness and it got caught around his leg, he began to dart all around the yard (I still had a hold of the leash) as I followed him, he dodged me, his harness was slipping off! Luckily I caught him, he was scared to death and let out a very long loud scream. The poor bunny was scared of me for a few days and took off whenever I touched him, poor bunny. I got his trust back by bribing him with tons of treats.

    He loves to lay on the couch and snuggle up to my leg. He is really cuddly. The other day he had to go back in his cage but he didn't want to so I chased him around the kitchen for about five minutes before I finally caught him, when he got back in his cage he plunked down because he was so tired from the chase. Hershey is great with the litterbox. He is fully house-trained and when he's out of his cage, he holds his pee until he goes back in his cage. Hershey is a very special rabbit! He is a great friend for Spice and they get along very well! I love you HershiMersh you are a special boy!

Hershey, the Pet of the Day
Hershey, the Pet of the Day

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