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September 23, 2010

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Eclipse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eclipse
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Morgan Horse
Home: Fairfield, Vermont, USA
   Meet Burning Sky Eclipse, a fifteen-year-old Morgan gelding. Eclipse just came home from the World's Fair in Tunbridge Vermont. He was sweet and gentle with hundreds of children reaching into his face on Agricultural Education Day. He performed beautifully and won lots of ribbons. He let a brand new person ride him for the gymkhana (games on horseback) and they won champion together! He's perfectly paired with his owner - Emily Millman, who won the hearts of hundreds of people along with all those ribbons!

    Eclipse is a super silly, wonderfully affectionate boy. He's a major flirt; blowing in your ear, nuzzling your neck and even attempting to tug off your clothes or untie your shoes! He loves meeting new people and having pictures taken of him, probably resulting from his experience as a model in a "Got Milk" television spot as a youngster! He's reluctant to try new things because they scare him, but after some gentle coaxing he behaves as if he knew it was fine all along!

Eclipse, the Pet of the Day

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