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September 20, 2010

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Colonel Sanders, the Pet of the Day
Name: Colonel Sanders
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse, Arabian mix
Home: Rowena, Texas, USA
   Hi ya'll! My Name Is Colonel Sanders. Kind of an odd name for a horse because I would never eat chicken! I make my country home in good 'ole West Texas. Rowena, Texas USA to be exact. I am a Grey Quarter Horse, Arabian mix. At 22 years of age, boy, have I got a lot of stories to tell. I think that i just get smarter and smarter with age (That is what my Mom says, anyway!). My coloring is technically called Fleabitten Grey, but that's just what it is called, no fleas on me!

    Well, I live a wonderful life with my family for the past two years but I tell you what, before that I've been around the block a time or two! When I was seven, I was sold to a slaughter house. I thought I was doomed until a nice man came and rescued me from that place. I got sold again a couple of years later and went on to teach many kids how to ride horses. Then you know what happened? I got sold again. I never had a stable home until now. I lived in a tiny, tiny pen with doctors that were never home. When it rained i had to live in knee deep mud. I began to lose weight because the other horses would steal my food. Then this family saw me and got my previous owner to sell me. I don't guess I was worth that much because I was a bag of bones.

    When I first got here, I was very skittish around my new family. I had never had anyone to trust. I finally realized there is more to humans than cruel slaughter houses and small muddy pens. I now have a real family and I will be here until I breathe my last breath. I love it here, and they feed me right and brush me, and I feel so loved!

    Hi, I am Colonel's owner and this is his story. We tracked down most of his previous owners and he has had a terrible life. I just want to make his retirement special. He is my pride and joy.

    He is the kindest gentleman. You would have never known he had such a dreadful past. It's hard to imagine still trusting humans after being neglected and treated so badly. He was my first horse and he is so patient with me. He taught me how to ride horses, but he also taught me about forgiveness and what really is important in life.

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