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September 13, 2010

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Echo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Echo
Age: Four weeks old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: California, USA
   Hi this is my baby Sun Conure Echo, who is about four weeks old in this picture. We live in California, in the United States, and Echo is a native California-bred birdie! I got my baby from a breeder nearby after almost a month of searching. Echo was brought home when two weeks old and now is a healthy and happy baby who loves to be touched. Echo is so affectionate and sweet, loves to be cuddled, scratched and played with... a more sociable little bird you'd never meet! (It's also potty trained - it learned it on its own. What a smart bird!) Echo is sort of in that awkward teenager sort of stage right now, so isn't its most attractive, but as you can see he/she has developed some beautiful feathers and we're expecting a gorgeous little bird when it grows up! I don't know Echo's gender yet, but it doesn't really matter, I love my new baby!

Echo, the Pet of the Day

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