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September 11, 2010

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Silas, the Pet of the Day
Name: Silas
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Flemish Giant
Home: Michigan, USA
   I check the Michigan Humane Society's website almost every day to see what kind of pets are up for adoption. Of course, even though I want all of them, I only look, with no intentions of actually adopting. Yet, on July 28, I was looking at one of the newly arrived rabbits (that's usually what animal I focus on when searching the site). The information appeared to be mixed up, since the sentence stopped halfway and started up again with "I am Pete, a flemish giant!" I took a double-take at that. The breed said lop, but the description said Flemish Giant... they must have gotten the information mixed up! I searched the rest of the adoptables, and that's when I found Pete. An eleven pound flemish giant rabbit. I knew I had to have him. I've always wanted a Flemish Giant! So I begged my mom. She and my dad said no for the longest time. But my mom couldn't resist how adorable and sweet Pete was when we went and met him on July 29. We adopted him that day. He peed all over his carrier on the way home, what a silly boy.

    His new name is Silas. All of my buns' names start with S, and they're all unique! He's doing great in his new home. He has a huge dog crate for a cage, and he's got a pen, built from NIC cubes. A bun-home fit for a king! His cage and pen resides in my room, across from my other buns' cage and pen. He loves to prance around and do binkies... though he is very lazy, and plops down a lot! He also loves to be stroked and he licks me all the time (he even likes to add in a couple love-nips). He even sometimes runs in circles around me and does the "love-dance". He's suucchh a sweetie, and all of my friends adore him! (They are also always shocked because he is so big!) I love him so much, and I know he was meant to be here, in my home.

Silas, the Pet of the Day
Silas, the Pet of the Day

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