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September 4, 2010

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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunny
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Violet Chinchilla
Home: Sussex, New Jersey, USA
   Sunny was born in the middle of November '09, so he's about ten and a half months old now. He's a violet male with lots of personality. With my daughter, if she's too touchy with his stuff, he also has a dominant personality. She is three and a half and her name is Piper.

    I originally bought Sunny as a pet that the both of us would take care of together (she could help feed him, give him hay, and his 1 treat a day) but now she just does the treat, she's not interested in the rest for the time being. She loves him, though, and calls him her little brother. She also named him - I let her do that. I would've done something like Dusty, but she wanted Sun, so it became Sunny. We've already collaborated on the chins name we'll adopt in the near future-it will be Flip-Flop, because in the beginning, Sunny reminded me of my ex's name, Sonny - that wore off after a few months, though.

    I bought Sunny from a breeder in Pennsylvania about two hours from me. I fell in love with his picture, as did Piper, and then when we met him in person-I was hooked immediately and couldn't imagine not bringing him home. Now that I have him, he's like my second, super hairy child! He's so smart and tricky, but because of his huge, occasionally dominant personality, I'll be careful if I do introduce a new chinchilla to him. I'll just take it super slow and hopefully he'll be too happy to have another fur-ball buddy to play with, he won't care that he'll be sharing a cage. Sunny is a special friend.

Sunny, the Pet of the Day
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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Sunny, the Pet of the Day

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