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October 20, 2010

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Jasper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jasper
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Suri Alpaca
Home: Wildomar, California, USA
   Jasper is a suri alpaca, and he's a male. What makes Jasper so special is that he is loved by an amazing ten-year-old girl who recognized his unique personality and has trained him to be a registered therapy alpaca. Jasper became the Delta Societies first registered alpaca animal assisted Pet Partner on July 17, 2010. His handler is also the youngest registered handler for the Inland Empire Pet Partners. They spend their free time volunteering their services. They visit senior centers, hospice patients, preschoolers at the library, schools, and various charity events. His soft fur and unexpected appearance bring delight and win friends wherever they go. Jasper and his little girl love making people smile. Jasper even has his own page on Facebook, you can follow "Jasper Alpaca." He is an amazing alpaca!

    He is very special indeed. A bit more about alpacas in general. Alpacas come in two varieties, suri and huacaya. Suri's like Jasper have fiber (hair) that grow in dreadlocks from the body. Huacaya's have fluffy fiber. Both are very soft and luxurious. We shear our Alpacas every May and enjoy using the fiber for ourselves and to sell in our alpaca store. Alpacas are gentle, easy keepers. They do not require a lot of land and they eat very little if you compare to a horse. They make a very low humming sound and do not challenge fences. Alpaca manure is very low odor and great for your garden.

    Jasper lives on a small ranch (Bootleg Alpacas) with seven other alpacas. They spend the day grazing in a small field and dancing at sun down. We love sharing our lives with these wonderful creatures. Jasper makes it more special because he is able to pleasantly visit others. This past Friday we took him for a visit to the Senior Center. He had the pleasure of meeting a 100-year-old woman whose smile could not be missed when she spotted Jasper entering her room.

Jasper, the Pet of the Day

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