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October 19, 2010

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Dale, Roy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dale, Roy
Age: One year old, nine months old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbits
Home: Carpinteria, California, USA
   Dale and Roy are at intermediate level in hopping school so they can perfect their hurdling abilities (they have both done the water jump). They are very special house bunnies that will jump up on the couch to say hello to you and will bump you when they want love. They love to go on hops on their leashes and play in their bunny play pen outside.

    Dale is a princess who loves to be petted and groomed all day. She loves her bananas! Roy is a very smart bunny - once when they were running around the house I came in and found him on a high counter in my house. He had jumped on the sofa, on to my backpack and up onto the counter and was investigating the beta fish's aquarium. He was obviously using brains to get where he wanted to be. He is very creative.

    He grooms and kisses Dale all day - he loves her. I do know she loves him back, because sometimes I catch them with their little heads wrapped around each other and kissing at the same time. They also do a spectacular double presentation - so that when we love them, we love them both (they both put their little heads down for affection at the same time).

    Dale's personality is very food oriented - she won the banana eating contest at bunny festival last year. They hurtle over an especially made course with tunnels, hurdles and water obstacles. After a couple practices they can do it without their leashes. They love to eat empty cardboard boxes. Roy's favorite game is "I win" its a game my husband plays with him he plays with a persons hand and then he begins to box and he's not happy unless he makes his hand go down on the floor - then he gives us a look that says "I win." Dale like to rearrange things - she will move cardboard boxes, litter pans, etc., until they are exactly where she wants them.

    Dale and Roy both won the bunny croquette at bunny festival - an obstacle course for bunnies with tubes, tunnels, etc. And as I mentioned before Dale won the banana eating contest (I'm very proud).

    Dale is always in the mood for affection and she love bumps once and if you don't pet her she might nip you gently to remind you that she's there. Roy is very different, he enjoys affection, but prefers exploring the house and anything else.

    They are similar in that they both love to play and chase each other around the living room and sleep under the stairs.That said,their personalities are completely different.

    One thing that made us really sad is when we bought Roy at a pet store, he had a huge abscess on his nose - it was Pastuerella. We already had Dale and we wanted her to have a friend. As soon as my husband picked him up he said he never felt an animal send such a strong message to him "please take me home or I'm going to die." My husband did not put him down until we got to the vet. Roy was very skinny and in a great deal pain of when we took him to the vet Dr. Otto said - "it doesn't even look like a rabbit - more like Rudolph." Dr. Otto treated Roy and we got antibiotics and he has never been sick again. After he recovered from his nose he was neutered so he and Dale (who had been spayed) can live happy healthy lives without any bunny worries of uterine cancer, marking territory, etc.

    Roy must know I'm typing about him, he just ran into the computer room and I touched his nose to my hand and scampered away. They are both sweeties and I think they would be great pets of the day.

Dale, Roy, the Pet of the Day Dale, Roy, the Pet of the Day

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