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October 16, 2010

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Koko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Koko
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Hong Kong, China
   Hello! My name's Koko and I'm a noisy Cockatiel! My owners aren't sure if I'm eleven or twelve years old, but just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm not lively! I'm not the only bird in my household. Sharing the same huge cage as me is my female buddy, Tikka, a green budgie. We haven't always got along, as we used to fight a lot, but now thanks to our Mommy it's under control. The other birds are Caruso and Pipsi (not Pepsi), two Chinese finches, who have their own separate cages. Since I've been in my home, I have seen many birds come and go, such as Tikka's partner Tunku, who was a lovely blue budgie and Hansi, a beautiful yellow canary. Besides them, we have had many many other friends join our "Bird Clan" over time.

    My Mommy bought me because she thought I would start to talk, just like the grey cockatiel she had before me. But because of all the other birds I kept getting distracted, and decided to stick to my cockatiel language instead.

    My cage is proportionally bigger then what my owners have for themselves as an apartment, that's how lucky I am! I am glad that I am very loved here! I love to climb around my cage all day, and sometimes even try to fly, which leads up to me hanging upside down. My owners say I look like an angel when I do this, due to my large white and yellow feathers and my outstretched wings. I'm not allowed to fly around the house, as we have lots of other pets, like Chippy and Lilly, who are dogs.

    Besides climbing, I love to sing to loud music. Whenever my Mommy and Daddy's daughter plays music, I start singing like crazy, sometimes I'm so loud that my owners nearly get headaches! Best of all I love to be with my Daddy as when he's with me he actually talks to me. When we have our "conversations" I always answer by singing one of my most beautiful songs, or screeching very loudly. Besides all that, I love to take baths in our little bird bath which is inside our cage, and copy everything Tikka does, alas, she copies me as well.

    Thank you for reading about my life story and letting me be pet of the day, I feel very honoured! Goodbye now!

Koko, the Pet of the Day
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Koko, the Pet of the Day
Koko, the Pet of the Day
Koko, the Pet of the Day

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