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October 14, 2010

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Sebastian, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sebastian
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dark Standard Chinchilla
Home: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
   Sebastian is my first chinchilla, although I always wanted one. After the heartbreaking loss of my elderly kitty in January of this year, I was terribly lonely and it seemed like a good time to let a new friend into my life. I saw Sebastian in a local pet store and after that he was all I could think about. I did as much research as I could about chinchillas and their needs, and made up my mind to go back and adopt him. I'm so glad I did, he cheers me up whenever I feel gloomy, and I love him like a proud mama. I'm sure my friends and family are tired of hearing about every cute thing he does!

    Sebastian can be a moody little guy, maybe he's going through his teenage phase! My boyfriend and I have to just leave him alone sometimes when he feels bitey and kacky (a "go away" noise chinchillas make). Usually, though, he'll come to me when I open his cage to be petted, hoping I'll give him a rose hip or apple twig, his favorite. He loves coming out to play and have his dust bath in the bathroom. He jumps around happily popcorning and wall surfing, taking breaks to have his bath or sit on my head.

    His cage is in front of a mirror, and my boyfriend and I tell him he's narcissistic for sleeping facing his reflection. He spends most of the day sleeping that way or in his hammock. In the evening and night he spends most of his time running on his Chin Spin and tossing things out of his cage for me to vacuum up in the morning. He makes up for it by sticking his sweet little nose out of his bars for me to smooch! I can never be irritated at that face!

Sebastian, the Pet of the Day
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Sebastian, the Pet of the Day
Sebastian, the Pet of the Day

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