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October 13, 2010

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Scarlett, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scarlett
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: English Cross Breed Rabbit
Home: Milton Keynes, England, UK
   My pet's name is Scarlett, she is an English Cross Breed Rabbit. Her birthday is the 10th of May. Scarlett is very special because she is the first pet I have ever had. I got her after I got back from my holiday in Cyprus. When we got her she was very small and whenever you stroked her for the first few days you could hear her heartbeat thumping in her chest. Now she is a lot bigger and much more confident. Her special talent is gardening, because we don't have to mow the lawn as much any more since she munches away at the grass clovers and weeds all day. She digs in the mud and likes to eat any underground weeds. She is a very good runner and jumper, and would do well at the jumping and running events in the Olympics. She is also very special because she likes similar things to me and we often share apples and carrots, seeing as she wouldn't be able to eat a whole one. When I get back from school she always comes over to me because she knows I will have picked her a dandelion on the way back. She is a very lucky bunny. She has lots of toys and tunnels and I give her a lot of treats. She has a nice big hutch and lots of warm bedding inside it, however, she deserves it because she is such a special little bunny.

Scarlett, the Pet of the Day

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