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October 12, 2010

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Joey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Joey
Age: 12+ years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quaker Parakeet
Home: Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
   I adopted Joey on April 20, 2010. The person I got him from said he was over twelve years old and his name was Buddy. I had never had a Quaker before but I have a variety of six birds and so I took a chance. When I got him home, he was so gentle and so quiet. I kept calling him Buddy but he would'nt even look at me. I figured that could not have been his name so I said to him. "Would you like me to call you Joey? (That was the first name that came into my head. He shocked me and nodded his head saying, "yes"). I asked him this every day for five days and got the same answer. Needless to say his name is Joey and I love him very much. He surprises me and comes out with phrases like "I smell chicken" or "What are you doing?"

    His personality is great. He loves his head scratched. He doesn't know any tricks yet but he loves to play with feathers by weaving them in and out of his cage bars. He gets on my shoulder and cuddles under my chin. He also like to sing with me but not with words. I shall now try to train him by putting him on his perch every twenty minutes to poop and then I will put him back on my shoulder. I hope it will work like it did with my conure! I do hope Joey lives a long life, and look forward to years ahead with him!

Joey, the Pet of the Day
Joey, the Pet of the Day

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