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October 10, 2010

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Dale, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dale
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Grey Chinchilla
Home: Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
   His name is Dale, he is about a year to two years old, he is a standard grey chinchilla. He is very special to me, and even though he is now living with other family members, I make it a point to see him as often as I can. He was my very first chinchilla. When he still lived with me his favorite thing to do was play in the box maze that I built for them by gluing cardboard boxes together and cutting holes in the sides and top. His personality is wild, he loves to run and bounce of anything that is solid. He makes me so happy, whenever he sees me now he gets all excited.

    Our favorite time together when he lived here was when he would hang out in the hood of my sweaters. We would end up taking naps together and he often accompanied me in my studies. He absolutely loves banana chips, he goes bonkers over them. He now lives with other members of my family in Bemidji. His favorite hang out was on my book shelf. I do miss him, but am glad I still get to visit with him.

Dale, the Pet of the Day

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