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October 7, 2010

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BatMan, the Pet of the Day
Name: BatMan
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Russian Dwarf Hamster
Home: Arizona, USA
   This is my awesome hamster BatMan. He is a Fancy Russian Dwarf Hamster. BatMan is such a great hamster. He is so sweet and does not bite at all. He is special to me because, I have always wanted a hamster. He is almost one years old. He loves to run in his wheel and ball. I entered BatMan in a hamster ball derby competition and BatMan won 2nd place! He is a real speedy when it comes to his ball. He loves to eat treats, special crackers, and fruits and veggies. BatMan knows his name a little bit. When ever I say his name he will stand on his back legs and look at me. He can walk on his hind legs for ten seconds without falling or stumbling. BatMan is more of an independent hamster. He was housed with my other hamster Turbo but, I have them in separate cage just in case, as they are both male. He loves loves his blue cotton bed and when I put him in it he usually falls asleep.

BatMan, the Pet of the Day

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