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October 6, 2010

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Big Momma, the Pet of the Day
Name: Big Momma
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: McGrath, Minnesota, USA
   This is my Big Momma, I don't know how old she is, but she is a standard grey chin, the reason why she is special to me is because she didn't immediately jump up and love me right away. We had a rocky start, and I had so many bite marks from her it wasn't even funny. I got her after I tragically lost one of my chins, she came along with her partner Rex and the two babies, Fuzzworth and Timmy.

    But now we get along fine, on her good days at least. She is pregnant at the moment and constantly has me worried about her and the kits, wondering if they're going to be okay and wondering when she's going to finally have them. My most absolute favorite thing about her is when she sniffs me and licks me, I love the feel of her soft nose on my skin and she has started to lick my finger tips.

    Her favorite thing to do is sit in the PVC pipes I recently installed for them and to chew on apple wood. Until recently, when I found out nuts are bad for chinchillas, she went absolutely crazy over almonds. I mean crazy - she would run around the cage three times before she sat down to eat it, and then it was gone in seconds! She lives with me in McGrath, Minnesota. Her favorite game to do is "I'ma gonna crawl on you to make you think I want to be petted but then bite you when you start to massage me -insert evil squeaking here-" but I have to say that's not my favorite! Even though she has her good and bad days I just love her to death!

Big Momma, the Pet of the Day

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