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October 3, 2010

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Indiana Jones, the Pet of the Day
Name: Indiana Jones
Age: Deceased, One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rat
Home: Brisbane, Australia
   Indiana Jones (or Indie for short) was a very affectionate, sociable rat. When I first brought him home from the pet shop he had a little white patch on the top of his head, but this quickly disappeared. He was a beige/grey color and his whiskers were incredibly long - the vet said they'd never seen such long whiskers on a rat.

    He loved human company and would sit on my shoulder while I washed the dishes, or in my lap when I watched the tv or sat on the computer. He loved having baths unlike any of my other rats. I used to give his raspberries which I think he really liked, and he would let me lay him on his back and not try to squirm or anything, actually I think he was comfortable sitting like that. He loved getting up to mischief like crawling down my arm when I was cooking to check out the food and raiding my coffee. He never ever bit anyone and was the perfect rat.

    Unfortunately he had a genetic respiratory problem which eventually led to a very premature death. He had been on medication for about 3 months which I had to feed to him twice a day with food. I worked out pretty fast that the easiest way to feed it to him was to mix it with baby food, which he quickly became addicted to. I always thought it was very funny having to go to the supermarket for baby food.

    I hope you think he's as adorable as I do, I've had a lot of rats but he was the only one who really seemed to crave and enjoy human attention.

Indiana Jones, the Pet of the Day
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Indiana Jones, the Pet of the Day
Indiana Jones, the Pet of the Day

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