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November 20, 2010

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Marvin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marvin
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Hooded Rat
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Well, Hiya! My name's Marvin (nicknamed Marvin the Martian), and I am a black hooded rat. I have three brothers, two who look just like me, and one who doesn't, and I'm a Houdini rat! I escape my cage all the time, but only to get closer to my mommy or grandma. They love me very much, and no matter what I do (or how naughty I've been) I never get in trouble! My mommy's name is Emma, and my grandma's name is Dessy. We are treated like little kings and we get lots of love and treats.

    One time while I was escaping my cage my mommy walked in to get ready for school and she turned around to get her jeans off the bed and I was standing on them! I got really scared and I froze up. But she didn't get mad at me, she just told me I was a Houdini rat and put me back in my cage. Another time she came in to see me on the top of our cage, just chillin'. But the most fun time I ever escaped my cage was a week ago when I got out of my cage so I could snuggle up with my mommy on her bed. She woke up and got startled but I just stayed on the pillow until she put me back. I love my family! One brother fights with me a lot. But we love each other, we are all best friends and brothers. I have the best family a rat could ask for!

Marvin, the Pet of the Day
Marvin, the Pet of the Day

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