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November 14, 2010

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Ping, Pong, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ping, Pong
Age: Deceased, Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pekin Duck, Mallard Duck
Home: Mulberry, Indiana, USA
   Around Easter 2008 I bought my grandsons a duck each for an Easter gift. My boyfriend was away at school but when he got home and I told him I got the boys ducks. He said he wanted a duck, too. At first I thought he was joking but he wasn't. He was seriously going to buy himself a duck. I told him if he was serious about it, he had to buy two so they would not be lonely. When we first got them, they fit just fine in a medium-size plastic tote. In a week they doubled in size and so we doubled the tote size. Finally when the weather was warm enough Tim built the ducks a pen complete with a kiddie pool. Those two ducks were in ducky heaven with their news digs and a pool! However, they had quite an aversion to big grain trucks and the beep they make when backing up. (We live behind a grain mill). They also didn't particularly like birds of any kind. They also hated the train whistle.

    Ping and Pong remained the best of friends until they died. We really miss them too. I am very sad to say that our little duck gals died this past week. Pong (a female mallard) was attacked and taken away by some animal. She has never been found ... not even a feather. Ping (the Pekin) was injured in the same attack and died two days later. We really are not sure if she died from her injuries or from losing her best lifetime friend.

    At first after their deaths, I said "no more ducks" but an hour later I said, "When we get more we will get three so if something happens to one there will be two left and they won't be so heart broken like Ping was. She was so pitiful after Ping was gone. She never made another sound. She basically stopped eating and everything. So sad ...

    Ping and Pong, we miss you and your antics so much! It just isn't the same around here without you two. It is just too quiet, without your happy duckie noises.

Ping, Pong, the Pet of the Day
Ping, Pong, the Pet of the Day

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