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November 4, 2010

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Bailey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bailey
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Wing Macaw
Home: Reedsville, Ohio, USA
   Bailey has only been with us a month now but he sure has improved being with us. He will let you scratch under his wing and pet down his back. He has started to talk and the first thing that he said with us was "Bailey want a cookie?" So we gave him a cookie! His old room mate "MO" and he were the best of friends. I'm sure that he misses him as he will sit and say, "Mo, Mo, shut up... shut up Mo." He will say "HI" and "Hello" but only when he wants too. He sure is full of personality. He has his own designated bed time. After 8 o'clock at night he is ready for bed. He doesn't want to be bothered but we have cough him watching T.V. shows. He likes to go for rides in the car on his special seat. He enjoys French Fries from the D.Q. most of all. And do not walk in with a pizza!! He loves pizza.

    He plays tug of war with us but sometimes get a little rough. He enjoys time out of his cage on his stand. When you run the vacuum cleaner he decides it's time to clean up and takes a bath in his water bowl. He can throw water about five feet out of his cage. As you can understand after vacuuming comes the mop. He can take inch pieces of wood and destroy them in no time with his very powerful beak. There's never a need to worry about kindling for the fireplace with Bailey around. He will sometimes give you kisses, but only when he wants too. He's a good boy and he has a permanent home with us.

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