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November 1, 2010

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Ozzie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ozzie
Age: Six and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Tennessee, USA
   Ozzie is a Congo African Grey parrot who is now six and a half years old and he lives in Tennessee. He adopted us when he was eight weeks old. His "momma" hand-fed him for about two months until he decided that he was a "big bird" and he no longer wanted formula. That was that!

    His favorite foods are birdie bread, grapes, papaya and veggies. He has a vocabulary of about 200 words, he loves to whistle, sing and dance. He loves to shower with his mom and sit on the shoulders of his "daddy person". He also loves to bark like Prissy the Pomeranian and then say, "Prissy, hush!" She doesn't appreciate that much!

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