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May 26, 2010

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Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: French Lop Rabbit
Home: Margate, Kent, UK
   Lucky is a French Lop rabbit, and a handsome one at that. He is a house rabbit, as you can see, living in Margate, Kent. He is one of the largest rabbits we have got, and he's only nine months old. But he is so fun to be with all of the time. His size means it is easy for him to jump up on things that are too high for the others to reach. This pile of papers was just too tempting, and of course, as soon as I snapped this picture, he commenced shredding! He's such a fun bunny, that it is hard to scold him! One look of those big brown eyes and soft floppy ears, and it's hard to remember why you were scolding him to begin with! We love Lucky!

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