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May 21, 2010

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Tami, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tami
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
   The sleeping photo below is my favorite picture of my chinchilla Tami. I love this photo because it shows how totally relaxed she is in her cage, stretched out in her hammock and dreaming sweet dreams. I hope you find her as adorable as I do!

    Tami is literally my heart that lives outside of my body. She is precocious, gregarious and occasionally obnoxious, but she is also a sweetheart and I just adore her. She "talks" to me during playtime, hooting softly while climbing all over me, and she likes to give me kisses through the bars of her cage during the day.

    Tami is classified as a pink/white. That is the correct term for her coloring in the breeding world. She has the attitude of a Princess (DIVA) and that is why we always call her Princess Tamikins. She expects everyone to cater to her every whim, which means we have spoiled her rotten since day one! I once saw her run into a table leg while out playing, and instead of going around it, she stood there and made "kacking" noises at the leg, as if to tell it to get out of her way!

    Before she had a cagemate, her favorite game used to be antagonizing my other pair of girls by bouncing off the side of their cage. You can see her doing that in a video on my YouTube channel. Now that she has Evie to keep her company, she just hops around playing with her toys while out. All of my chinchillas enjoy climbing all over me at playtime, so I try to lay on the floor with them for at least half an hour a night. They have to inspect my clothes and hair, sniff my ears and, and chew on my glasses for me. It's a ritual that they really enjoy. And on good days, I get whisker kisses from them, too.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about keeping chinchillas as pets, I invite you to visit my website Pet Chinchillas where you can learn all about them. You can also see Tami on Youtube.

Tami, the Pet of the Day
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Tami, the Pet of the Day
Tami, the Pet of the Day

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