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May 12, 2010

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Elfert, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elfert
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Crested Rouen Duck
Home: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
   Elfert is a very special duck to our family. I wanted to have a very special summer "project" for my children to experience. I researched everything I could about ducks, incubation, habitat, breeds, etc. I ordered the egg from Ebay and when it arrived our summer experiment began. My children and I watched and cared for the egg every day doing everything by the book. They were able to see inside the egg with a flashlight and watch the growth and development as Elfert grew. Hatchday came and went and four days after he was due to hatch, out came Elfert.

    As a duckling, Elfert wanted to be held all of the time! If he was put in his brooder, he would cry. So for most of his ducklinghood, he was carried around. Now that he is nine months old, he is very possessive of his yard! He doesn't want you breathing his air. He likes to bite feet! He will stand guard at the gate and will attack anyone who enters. He chases squirrels and cats. He tries to climb trees. He thinks he is a cat because he was raised around them. He has never seen another duck. He is feisty and ornery. He has all the luxuries he can have with a built in kiddie pool with a deck, a walk in coop with a club house. He's spoiled, and has a family that loves him.

    Everyone asks about Elfert's head. There are a lot of ducks that can be crested, mostly Pekins. Elfert is a crested Rouen. A Rouen is a cross between a Pekin and a Mallard. In Florida, Mallards are on the "watched" list so they are illegal to have as pets, but a Rouen is acceptable even though they look like mallards, they are not. They are built like Pekins but look like Mallards. The poof on his head has been there since the day he hatched. We really didn't know what kind of duck we were hatching until he came out so it was quite a surprise to see a tiny duck with an afro. His favorite toy was a G.I. JOE so they were quite a pair. It was the only thing that would keep him happy when we weren't home. I have also included one picture of him sleeping with our cat, Cinnamon.

    Elfert loves the rain and runs around the yard dancing and hopping around... thunder, not so much. He loves his pool! He's in it most of the day. He loves when we chop up salad and throw it in his water. That's his favorite! Otherwise, he eats chicken scratch which is just corn, seeds and grain from the feed store. He also eats earth worms, slugs, palmetto bugs, and any nasty creepy crawly my kids find. No bread, but sometimes he gets Cheerios.

    Even though he has turned into quite a defensive, foot-biting, attack duck, we love him dearly and we think he is funny and beautiful.

Elfert, the Pet of the Day
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Elfert, the Pet of the Day
Elfert, the Pet of the Day
Elfert, the Pet of the Day
Elfert, the Pet of the Day

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