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March 23, 2010

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Indy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Indy
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: North New Jersey, USA
   This is Indy, he is a quirky little fellow. His nickname is Peanut because he's got a big butt - even for a chinchilla - and he looks just like a peanut to us. He loves to "wall surf" by hopping high on the wall and "popcorning" around his room when he has free playtime. He is a gorgeous heterozygous beige Chinchilla who enjoys his dust baths three times a week.

    He does have his peculiarities. Sometimes we'll find him sniffing shoes that were left on the floor and then rolling around on them! We haven't figured that one out. During the day, he is very lazy and likes sleeping inside his wooden house or cuddling with his cagemate, Liv or a cuddle buddy stuffed animal we have for him. He sometimes pretends he is a parrot and jumps on my back so he can sit on my shoulder and watch tv with me! We've had him for about six months now and he has been a great addition to our little furry family, we hope you enjoy him as much as we do!

    Tis picture is him being a lazy bum, which happens a lot. He likes to pretend he's tough and push anything that's in front of him out of his way. He'll go into his cage and go on every level pushing off anything he thinks is in the wrong place ;) Sometimes we'll play a game with him where we'll close the cage door slightly while he is out for playtime and he is smart enough to use his teeth to pull it open! He's really an intelligent little guy. Sometimes he'll also go behind my dresser and try to push himself up against the wall so he can get to the top! He's silly. His favorite treat is his shredded wheat squares which he gets once a day, but he also really loves dried papaya! He sure is quirky and keeps us laughing all the time, which is why we love him so much!

Indy, the Pet of the Day
Indy, the Pet of the Day

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