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March 15, 2010

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Arthur, the Pet of the Day
Name: Arthur
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Teddy, Rex Guinea Pig
Home: Birmingham, UK
   Arthur is a male teddy/rex guinea pig, which means that his fur is slightly rough and fuzzy. Arthur was brought home on February 23, 2008. He was bought as my sister got another guinea pig and we didn't want him to be on his own, however, Arthur was a lot bigger than the other guinea pig (Oscar) because Oscar was the runt of the litter. Oscar has since passed away and Arthur lived on his own for a while but now lives with my rabbit! Arthur is a very kind guinea pig and has never bitten anyone. Arthur loves eating, especially carrots and eating grass in the run. Arthur sometimes sits on my lap and watches tv. He loves the film G-Force and his favourite character is Hurley. Arthur has his own website.

    Arthur is special as he is a mix of two breeds (rex and teddy). He has both features like fuzzy hair for a teddy. Arthur's name means "bear," so he is like a "teddy bear!" Arthur is very popular, especially with cats but none can get anywhere near him as my cat scares them all off. Arthur's nicknames are Arth or Arthyyyyyyy. I love him!

Arthur, the Pet of the Day
Arthur, the Pet of the Day

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