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March 1, 2010

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Squirt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Squirt
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red-Eared Slider
Home: Louisiana, USA
   Squirt is a special little guy to me because he came from a rough start in life. He ended up in a home that wasn't taking care of him, and was neglecting him very badly. He came to me not knowing how to swim, and with some shell problems because he was never provided any heat or lighting. Red-eared sliders, like most semi-aquatic turtles, need both water to swim in, and a place to climb out and warm and sun themselves to be healthy and grow good, strong shells.

    He has an amazing personality, and will literally beg for his dinner each night. He doesn't mind being held, and is just an all around great little turtle. Everyone that sees Squirt can't help but instantly fall in love with him!

Squirt, the Pet of the Day
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Squirt, the Pet of the Day
Squirt, the Pet of the Day

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