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June 23, 2010

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Kelly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kelly
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Congo African Grey Parrot
Home: Illinois, USA
   My name is Kelly. I'm a five year old Congo Africa Grey parrot living in Illinois, who is, I believe, her mom's Pet of the Day everyday! I imagine a first question you might have is 'Do I talk?' Yes. Yes, I do. But not when anyone's around, other than my mom, that is. I guess you could say I prefer private performances. I enjoy calling the dogs by name (and I know which name goes with which of the four dogs... and I know which one is likely to be the slowest to come back in the house so that dog gets the firmer tone when I call her.) I like to repeat phone conversations I've heard my dad having with the Marine in the family, starting with the right ring tone and always ending with Dad's predictable "Alright then, I'll talk to ya later." And, oh yes, I call out "OoRah" and "You go, Mikey!" in honor of our Marine.

    The odd thing about my choice of words is that I prefer to learn them from my dad. Mom can try for weeks to teach me a line. She about talked herself hoarse in the attempt to get me to say "Peanut, please" but after months of dropping that little hint, she gave up and asked dad if he would say it around me a couple of times. Sure enough, two days later, I was calling out "Peanut pleeeease!" Dad's never actually heard me say it, of course, because I don't speak around him. He has to watch YouTube for the performance!

    Aside from the language and sound effect duplication I'm capable of, I'm also a 'snuggle bug'. I happily accept a good scratching on the top of my head or the back of my neck (from mom, of course). I'll even lay on my back in her hand and allow my tummy to be tickled if that's the sort of attention she wants to give me. I'll take affection however I can get it. Even my photography sessions are enjoyable as I love the pats and kisses I get for posing pretty (and not beaking the props).

    It's a greYt life being "Kelly." Thank you for your time in getting to know me a bit. Talk to ya later!

Kelly, the Pet of the Day
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Kelly, the Pet of the Day
Kelly, the Pet of the Day
Kelly, the Pet of the Day

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