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June 20, 2010

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Sabriel, Solara, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sabriel, Solara
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Rabbits
Home: Michigan, USA
   This is Solara (The brown one) and Sabriel (the gray and white one). Solara is a (we think) mini-rex mix. Sabriel is a lilac coloured dutch. They are both eight months old, yet Solara was born on September 8th, and Sabriel was born on September 25th during 2009.

    These two are a very special case because they did not come to us bonded. I had always wanted a bunny, and I was going to adopt a dwarf from the Humane Society. Before I could adopt her (and after I bought all the stuff for her) she had been adopted. So I went to another Humane Society, and found Solara. She was curious and I loved it. We adopted her that same day. That was in January.

    Well, soon after that, there was a rabbit adoption event the day before Easter. There, I found Sabriel. I wasn't too interested in him because I wanted a big rabbit... but once I got in the pen with him, I fell in love. He licked me and was just the sweetest boy ever.

    After we got him, we put his cage next to Solara's. We gave them a month or so, and then started bonding sessions. They were clearly meant for each other, because it only took around two weeks! They now live all day together (yet they sleep seperately because Sabriel begs for attention at night, and Solara gets annoyed!

    Solara is more skittish than Sabriel. She only lets you pet her if she wants you to (then she loves being stroked) and won't let anyone hold her! We're trying to get her more used to it! Sabriel, though, is a cuddler! He loves to be held and stroked. We sometimes hold him like a baby! He also likes to be walked on a leash! And as you can see, they are now best friends.

Sabriel, Solara, the Pet of the Day
Sabriel, Solara, the Pet of the Day

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